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Willem Stols


Crime: Housebreaking
Crime Circumstances:

It is alleged that this man known as Willem Stols who was assisting hunters at a farm whereby he took a compressor which was later found in his possession. he was brought to court and was given another court date which the suspect did not appear. A warrant for his arredt was issued at the willowmore magistrate's court.

Crime Date: 2012/06/06
Aliases: 0
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Unknown
Hair Colour: Unknown
Height: 0 m
Weight: 0 kg
Build: Unknown
Station: Willowmore
Case Number: 239/06/2012
Telephone: 044-9238100, 044-9238044
Investigating Officer: Capt HRRJ Leslie
Contact nr: 044 923 8019 or 082 441 8138
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