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2nd Interpol Global Drug and Illicit Substance Trafficking Conference


The South African Police Service and Interpol are proud to host the 2nd Interpol Global Drug and Illicit Substance Trafficking Conference in Cape Town, South Africa from 17 to 19 September 2019.

The theme of the conference is ‘Pushing back frontiers for more effective global drug enforcement’.

The increase in drug use and in drug trafficking, continues to affect every region globally. The quantity of drugs seized worldwide, keeps increasing and the estimated profits generated by trafficking in drugs, remain considerable, therefore it continues to be a very lucrative market for criminals and syndicates. Drug smuggling and transnational drug-related crime, have reached apex proportions and is a serious concern for the South African government.

The second Interpol Global Conference on illegal drugs, will offer the perfect forum to highlight new trends in and patterns of trafficking, as well as new substances to be traced and eradicated.

The purpose of the conference is to address new and emerging forms of organised crime, cybercrime and virtual currencies used in the trade of illegal substances and trafficking in narcotics, new psychoactive substances and the diversion of precursor chemicals.

It will bring together law enforcement officials, subject matter experts and representatives of key regional and international bodies, that play a crucial role in the fight against illegal drug trafficking, with the aim of drastically curbing this crime.

The first Interpol Global Conference on drugs was held in Toledo, Central Spain on 24 April 2018. Delegates from 192 countries participated in the conference, which focused on the improvement of the international coordination in the fight against illegal drug trafficking.

The second Interpol global conference, is expected to be attended by approximately 400 delegates from Interpol’s 194 member countries, international organisations, as well as the South African Police Service and South African government departments.


The aim and objectives of the conference are to:

understand the current and emerging drug threat globally
develop better national, regional and global responses in countering the illegal drug trade
raise awareness on the role of crypto-currencies and the dark net as a marketplace for drugs and contraband
showcase South Africa and our law enforcement capabilities.
The conference programme will run over three days, and will cover the following topics:
Stream 1: Digitalisation of the drug transactions and markets Exploring the internet, dark net, virtual/crypto currency and the increased sophistication of methods.
Stream 2: The wave of gangs and criminal organisations/syndicates and their innovation regarding narcotics, as one of the economic drivers Exploration of the nexus between gangsterism and narcotics in the spread of gangs.
Stream 3: Transportation modalities - maritime and postal services Maritime trafficking – exploration of various methods used in the trafficking of narcotics via maritime vessels. Exploring air trafficking and land trafficking methods.
Stream 4: Commodity masquerading Legal and illegal fuelling of new, developing phenomena on new psychotropic substances. Exploring legal goods being spoiled with illegal goods.

It is envisioned that the conference will have the following outcomes:

Addressing the reduction of the supply of illegal drugs through more effective law enforcement steps
Drastically reducing the impact of the illegal drug threat on South Africa
raise awareness on the role of crypto-currencies and the dark net as a marketplace for drugs and contraband
Strengthening cooperation at national, continental and international levels
Promoting the vision of the National Drug Master Plan (NDMP), the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF), the economic stimulus package and the National Development Plan (NDP) for a better, more peaceful and prosperous South Africa
Strengthening partnerships with key stakeholders


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