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Ragindrin Kuni (54), failed to appear in the Protea Magistrate’s Court as scheduled on Wednesday, 03 April 2024, on charges of theft, fraud and money laundering.

The Hawks' Serious Commercial Crime Investigation team wasted no time in tracing Kuni's whereabouts and consequently arrested him with a warrant that was issued on the same day.

Kuni was initially arrested on 19 May 2021, after a case was registered against him in February of the same year. The allegations were that he approached an elderly victim who had just received his pension and proposed that they start a joint venture focusing on optical equipment engineering. He reportedly proposed that it should be a 50/50 ownership business.

An agreement was eventually reached in January 2020. Kuni asked for his partner to deposit R812,000 into an associate's account. This money was supposedly meant to secure the needed equipment to start the business.

Following the transfer of the funds, the partners started building the premises meant for running the business. The said construction was done at the victim's address in Lenasia. When the structure was almost complete, Kuni started being unreliable. He would disappear from time to time and come back with demands for more money.

Kuni has made numerous court appearances since his arrest. He was released on a warning until his recent scheduled date when he didn't show up. The court has consequently deprived him of his freedom following his detention. The case has been postponed to Tuesday, 09 April 2024, for a formal bail application.


Enquiries: Warrant Officer Lethunya Mmuroa



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