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2020/08/28      |  Written By:  Colonel P Naidu   |   Province:  Eastern Cape

Port Elizabeth:  Justice has once again being served on a repeat  murder accused and criminal when he was handed down a life sentence in the Port Elizabeth High court  yesterday, 27/08 for the murder of Kelly Bain(26).

On 25 July  2018 at 13:20, Sizwe Jika (28) entered the Bain home in Shabani Road in Brymore and when confronted by Bain an altercation occurred. He overpowered her and stabbed her multiple times before taking her engagement ring off her finger. While rummaging through the house, Jika was  surprised by the appearance of Christopher Bonus, Bain’s fiancé who had come home for lunch. A struggle ensued between both men and Jika managed to escape. Bain succumbed to her injuries at the scene. At the time, Bain was on maternity leave with her one month old baby.

Jika is currently serving a 20 year sentence for the murder of Anne Smit (86)  committed in May 2018 at her house in Kamma Park. He is also serving a 16 year sentence for 6 housebreaking cases committed between  January 2011 and July 2018 in the metro. He was sentenced for  Smit’s murder and the housebreakings in June 2020.

On 27 August 2020, he was yet again sentenced for the murder of Kelly Bain including more housebreaking cases – breakdown of his sentences are as follows :

Murder – life imprisonment

Robbery Aggravated – 15 years

Theft- 5 years

Eight(8) other housebreaking cases committed between March – September 2018 – 5 years for each totalling 40 years

Illegal possession of ammunition – 1 years

All of the above sentences will run concurrent with the life sentence.  Jika is yet to appear in court for another murder which took place in May 2018 in Summerstrand where Anne Ferreira (83) was found strangled and murdered.

The investigating officer, D/WO Rudolf Baxter of the Detective Trio Task Team is commended for securing these sentences for the Anne Smit’s  murder and the murder of Kelly Bain.

Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga has once again welcomed the sentencing  and praised both the investigating officer as well as the prosecuting authority for ensuring that this criminal never sees the outside of prison walls for a very long time.’ It is clear that this accused has no respect for human life let alone attacking vulnerable women. 

To commit such heinous crimes in a space of 3 months shows that he lacks emotion and is a heartless and ruthless criminal.  These convictions is resultant of an array of departments working together in order to secure a sound prosecution. Perpetrators of Gender Based Violence such as Jika must be punished and  sentences such as this is a warning to others preying on the weak and vulnerable that they too will face the same fate if found guilty of similar offences,’ added Lt Gen Ntshinga.