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2020/08/31      |  Written By:  Captain P NGWANE   |   Province:  Kwazulu-Natal

TONGAAT: 28 August 2020 – On Friday 2020-08-28, South African Police (SAPS) Tongaat in conjunction with Tongaat Huletts and Ethekwini Municipality embarked on a Gender Based Violence (GBV) Awareness Campaign in Tongaat Central Business District (CBD) targeting public transport commuters, community of Hambanathi and Emagwaveni areas. Pamphlets were distributed to the public, one-on-one talks were conducted, and a loud hailer was used to relay information as well as important messages on the dangers of GBV and COVID-19. 

The intention behind this initiative was to increase the level of awareness among the general public on the different forms of violence women are subjected to and unpacking the concept of GBV. The aim of the campaign was to also ensure that domestic violence in all its manifestations is more commonly understood by all members of society. In order to achieve that, pamphlets with safety hints about the dangers of GBV were distributed to the public and a stern message and warning against GBV was relayed through a loud hailer that enough is enough. 

The public was urged especially those who have been victims of Gender Based Violence to break the silence and report all incidents to the police immediately. The public was advised that when witnessing GBV cases, the matter should be reported immediately to the police before it's too late to help victims. The public was also called upon to utilize the Victim Empowerment Centre which has been established at SAPS Tongaat which is being managed by professional Social Workers and Volunteers. Counselling is offered and more information is available to those who have unfortunately become the victims of GBV.

A loud hailing mobile communication inside the vehicle was used to relay the message on GBV across the CBD. The public was also warned to adhere to the COVID-19 lockdown regulations by wearing masks all the time and maintaining social distancing. They were also sensitized about protecting themselves and others from infection by washing their hands or using an alcohol based rub frequently and not touching their faces.

Criminal activities must be reported to the following numbers:

Police emergency number 10111

SAPS Crime Stop number 08600 10111

Gender Based Violence Help line 0800 150 150

The public was urged especially those who have been victims of Gender Based Violence
The public was urged especially those who have been victims of Gender Based Violence