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2020/10/02      |  Written By:  Brigadier S Mokgwabone   |   Province:  North West


As part of sensitising the community about Gender Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF), Setlagole Police Station together with Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, held an awareness activity on Wednesday, 23 September 2020.

The activity which was opened with a prayer by WO Shuenyane, was attended among others by Councillor Seitshiro who also welcomed Dr Phalane from the Police Secretariat office in Pretoria, Chief Mokoto of Ramokoto Section and all attendees.

Upon outlining the purpose and introducing Dr Phalane, Mrs Gaboutlwelwe from the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, indicated that the collective was in the area in Setlagole to educate the community about Gender Based Violence and Femicide and to distribute safety button alarms commonly known as “Memezas” to the vulnerable groups.  In his address, Dr Phalane touched on the correct use of the safety buttons when the victims are under attack. He also urged the public to quickly respond when they hear the alarm and to call the police as soon as possible. In conclusion, he requested victims not to withdraw cases as he exhibited the correct use the safety buttons.

The Station Commander of Setlagole, Lt Col Ramalope shared with the public, contact crimes causal factors.  Moreover, he cited that liquor was a contributory factor to two murder cases that were reported in August at Ramokoto section.  As such, he asked the members of the community to report all shebeens that seem to be mushrooming in the area so that necessarily steps can be taken including shutting them down.

In addition, the Colonel explained the role of structures such as Community Police Forum (CPF), community in blue and youth desk and at the same time urged the young and energetic ones to join those structures in the fight against the scourge of GBVF and other contact crimes. He assured everyone that as part of the police’s responsibility, will ensure that, the community of Setlagole feels safe and that the police will stamp the authority of the State. The Colonel also cautioned the attendees about lawlessness and explained that taking the law into one’s hands is illegal and will not be tolerated within the policing area of Setlagole.

The Ngaka Modiri Molema District Commissioner’s representative, Captain Kgositau   encouraged the public to actively participate in all endeavours to curb crime and to report perpetrators to the police. She also warned victims to refrain from withdrawing cases.

The activity ended with distribution of “Memezas” to beneficiaries and a vote of thanks by Chief Mokoto who urged the residents to work together with the police.