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2020/10/06      |  Written By:  Ms Z Hani   |   Province:  Western Cape

WESTERN CAPE – Jonathan Judge (57), Junnyn Jeffer (55) and Mark Meyer (53) have been handed down hefty sentences for dealing in drugs by the Mossel bay Magistrates' Court.

The trio were arrested on the 21 February 2006 in  at Judge’s place in Mossel Bay after a series of test buy operations were done by the Hawks Serious organised crime investigation base in George. Upon each of the  three consecutive buys,  mandrax and rock drugs were recovered during a section 252A operation.

Since commencement of the trail various delaying tactics were applied which included changing of their defence council on a continues bases. John Pietersen, the fourth accused passed away, which also resulted in further delays.  Jonathan and Luzuko Pumela (40) were charged on another drug  waylay investigation in 2009, while Jonathan had a pending matter in court.

The trial under a new presiding officer started in 2015 and was concluded in September 2020. Jonathan was sentenced to 12 years direct imprisonment. Jeffer and  Meyer were each sentenced to 5 years direct imprisonment.

Meanwhile Jonathan and Pumela were also found guilty and on the 2009 charge of Dealing in drugs and were sentenced to 8 years direct imprisonment, wholly suspended for 5 years.  All the convicts were declared unfit to possess a firearm.