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2020/10/13      |  Written By:  Captain C Weilbach   |   Province:  Gauteng

PRETORIA – The South African Police Service (SAPS) Brooklyn has a new crime fighter who does not believe in failure when it comes to the task at hand.

Colonel Nditsheni Thomas Nekhumbe (55) was appointed in April this year as the new commander of Visible Policing at the Brooklyn police station. As the new commander, it is his responsibility to manage and control crime prevention and crime combatting functions to create a safe and secure station environment.

The meaning of his first name, Nditsheni is; “Leave me alone”.  This is the strong message that he wants to send out to criminals – “Leave Brooklyn policing area alone!” He says that he wishes for the community of the Brooklyn policing area to feel safe. The only way to achieve this, is by reducing crime.  He states that he hates to fail in anything in life and therefore he is not going to let the community down.

His first priority will be to address property related crimes such as residential and business burglaries, theft out of motor vehicles and theft of motor vehicles. His immediate concern is the unacceptable high number of vehicles that get stolen in the area.  Stolen vehicles must be reported immediately to the SAPS to enhance the potential of arrests.  He noticed that many motorists are reporting these crimes only after a few days which make the investigation thereof difficult.

Colonel Nekhumbe says he already increased police visibility around the university and business areas.  He also increased visits to liquor premises where compliance inspections are executed.  He further aims to build on the already exiting community partnerships such as the Brooklyn Community Police Forum (CPF), Divine Intervention with the churches in the area and the Security Forum.  Regular meetings, joint operations and awareness campaigns will take place so that as a collective the headache of crime can be addressed. 

Colonel Nekhumbe started his career in 1985 when he joined the Municipal police in Mamelodi and later the SAPS.  He was stationed for 13 years at Pretoria Moot SAPS. In 2018 he made his mark in Silverton SAPS as their Visible Policing Commander.  He was also stationed at Ekangala SAPS as the Station Commander until recently before he was promoted to Colonel at Brooklyn SAPS.

He obtained knowledge and experience through several courses and workshops during his career which include Client Service, Crime Prevention, Sector Policing, Tracker Network, Circulation of vehicles and persons, Mentorship, Community Policing and many more. 

When he has some time to relax, he likes spending it at his home in Mamelodi, watching cricket.  He says he is a “one woman man” and is happily married with a son and two daughters.

Marlene Kruger, Brooklyn CPF chairperson, said they already conducted successful joint operations with the SAPS where Colonel Nekhumbe took the lead.  They are impress with his hands on approach and will support him fully.

Communities are urged to play their role by reporting any suspicious persons, vehicles or circumstances to the police immediately by phoning the 10111 emergency-number.  Information with regards to crime can be given to the police anonymously by phoning 08600 10111 or by using the My SAPS app.

Colonel Nditsheni Thomas Nekhumbe (55)