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2020/11/04      |  Written By:  Colonel A Myburgh   |   Province:  North West

POTCHEFSTROOM – Today, the South African Police Service in the North West Province launched the Safer Festive Season Operations in Potchefstroom.

During his address, Lieutenant General Sello Kwena, the North West Provicial Commissioner, said that police are ready for the festive season operations under the theme “Tight Grip” and the mission “Wellbeing and safety of all South African Citizens”.

The Safer Festive Season operations, which will end on 31 January 2021, is characterised by a number of activities in the public space that directly or indirectly have an influence on the safety and security in the country.  While crimes such as assault, murder, rape and robberies, including residential robberies, continue to create a feeling of fear and insecurity, they also compromise the safety and security of women, children and other vulnerable groups. These crimes are not only a threat, but also limit the wellbeing of our communities and this in itself, clearly necessitates action from a policing point of view.

Moreover he reminded that the lock down, level one, regulations under the Disaster Management Act, have not been amended and that all liquor outlets should be closed at 00:00 (midnight). He said it is the responsibility of police to ensure that the Regulations are complied with.

It is vital that we establish uncompromising security measures and limit the probability of criminal incidents occurring to ensure a safe and secure environment.  This can be achieved among others by making sure that our communities are proactively and fully engaged through various platforms and advised to take precautionary measures to avoid falling victims of crimes.

The Provincial Commissioner concluded by saying: “There is no bigger challenge and greater honour to be in public service.”

In intensifying the operations and enhancing road safety and visibility on all national roads in the province, 13 high performance vehicles were handed over to all District Commissioners as well as the Safer Festive Season Operational plans. The vehicles, to be utilised by Provincial Emergency Services (PES) units such as Flying Squad and K9 in all districts, will tighten the grip on all the national roads.

The Safer Festive Season operations will see the police conducting operations countrywide, focusing on visible policing at shopping centres and operations and patrols at all South Africa’s border posts and tourist destinations. The police’s focus will also be on seizing illegal firearms, firearm parts and ammunition as the Firearm Amnesty period which started on 1 August 2020, will come to a simultaneous end with the safer festive season operations on 31 January 2021. 

Mr Dixon Ngamlane, the Provincial Board Chairperson of the Community Police Forum (CPF) who did acknowledgements, motivated the community to participate in community policing. He gave the assurance that the CPF will help the police during the Festive Season in the fight against crime.

Lieutenant General Sello Kwena, the North West Provicial Commissioner
The Safer Festive Season operations will see the police conducting operations countrywide.
13 High performance vehicles were handed over