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2020/11/18      |  Written By:  Captain S Kock   |   Province:  Northern Cape

The SAPS in the Northern Cape is making an urgent plea to all business and home owners to adhere and implement  to the following safety hints and measures, as we are in the Festive Season. Criminals are already operating and targeting businesses and homes. In an effort to protect yourself and your property , the police are encouraging the public to adhere and implement the following hints:  


Business Robberies :

*Do not keep too much money in the business premises.

*Be on the lookout for suspicious customers.

*Do not keep the business open until late.

*Avoid being alone in the business, especially at night.

*Do not open for anyone after business is closed.

*Install surveillance cameras if possible.

*Employ security personnel for as extra safety.

*Be vigilant when working with money and bank cash as often as possible.

  House Robberies:

*Always be on the lookout for suspicious persons and vehicles.

*Enhance security through fitting access doors with security gates and install burglar bars on windows.

*Request neighbours to keep an eye when you go away for an extended period.

*Do not open gates and doors for strangers.

*Verify the details of anyone before you employ them and check authenticity of a contractor before you allow access to the premises.

*Watch dogs are also good deterrents for robbers.

*Be vigilant when entering your motor vehicle gate for suspicious persons loitering around on pavements and in the street.

REMEMBER: Your safety is important, so take care and fight crime without compromising your safety. Be safe today, be alive tomorrow.