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2020/11/19      |  Written By:  Captain T Litabe   |   Province:  Northern Cape

“Police misconduct, whether alleged or proven, has a negative impact on our society.  Any transgression committed by an officer of the law erodes the trust and confidence communities have towards the police” Minister of Police, General Bheki Cele at the launch of new Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid).

There is a saying that “If you do the crime you will do the time.”  With the fully functional justice system, every person who commits crime will be detected and arrested.  This same rule applies to government employees at every level who think that they will not be identified when they submit falsified travel claims, extend or manipulate the times for the duration of their trips or are in the habit of conniving with the suppliers to submit invoices with the highly inflated prices.  Some are also involved with the companies that do business with the state.

If some of you are not aware, the government of South Africa, is working very hard to curb all incidents of fraud and corruption and has made a huge progress in that regard. The latest developments in the investigations into Covid-19 corruption for example, led to an establishment of a Fusion Centre, where several law enforcement institutions were brought together to deal with all corruption related to Covid-19 procurement.

This is a structure that may become permanent within our justice system and it includes the Hawks, Financial Intelligence Centre, the Independent Police Directorate, the National Prosecuting Authority, the State Security Agency, Special Investigating Unit and the South African Revenue Service.

As employees of the South African Police Service, it is our duty to prevent, combat and investigate crime.  It is a disgrace that we see some of our senior officers and members being investigated for allegedly being involved in criminal activities.
If you as an employee of this organisation, fully subscribe to the SAPS Code of Conduct and the Code of Ethics and are fully aware of their contents, there is no way that you can be arrested for any form of crime.

It is important for the members to remember that their arrest as a result of their involvement in criminal activities has dire consequences on the wellbeing of their spouses, children, families and anyone that is closely associated with him or her.

The choice is yours, “You do the crime, You will do the time!”