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2020/11/23      |  Written By:  Sergeant S MAOME   |   Province:  Gauteng

Primrose Police arrested a suspect aged 51-years-old for domestic violence which happened at Makause informal settlement in Primrose on 2020/11/15.The complainant alleged that she was at her place of residence. Her boyfriend came home drunk and he started swearing at her without any provocation.

He even informed her that he will never marry the complainant he said she can choose to stay with him or she can leave if she wants to. The complainant tried to calm him and told him not to shout her in front of the children. When he heard her saying that he became violent and slapped her on her face and tried to take out a sharp object from the pocket, the complainant grabbed it and during the commotion she accidentally cut herself with the sharp object she later managed to free herself and run out of the shack.

The complainant reported the matter to the police and he was tracked, arrested and detained at Primrose SAPS. We still appeal to our community to seek professional help where it is needed not to take the law into their own hands. The suspect appeared in Germiston court matter remanded for plea and trial.