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2020/11/23      |  Written By:  Lieutenant Colonel A Funani   |   Province:  North West

As part of ensuring the safety and security of our communities, various stakeholders comprising of the Brits police station members, Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Public Works, Madibeng Local Municipality as well as members of Brits and the District Community Police Forum participated in an initiative on Thursday, 19 November 2020, to de-bush the area in Oukasie Township, which is situated on the outskirts of Brits.

The initiative conducted as part of crime prevention through environmental design, was influenced by the fact that criminal activities were taking place at the area with dense bushes. During the activity, trees and long grass were removed so that walkers can see from a distance and feel safe to use the pathway. The said pathway is frequently used by members of the community to go to Panorama shopping complex. In most instances, criminals who hide themselves in the bushes along the pathway, would attack and rob unsuspecting members of the community. Following the activity, the area along the pathway has been cleared and it can now be used without any fear.

Members of Brits and the District Community Police Forum participated