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2020/12/02      |  Written By:  Mr M Ngxukumeshe   |   Province:  Western Cape

Despite death threats and intimidation from the bosses of 28 Terrible Josters gang D/Const Arthur Van WYK who is attached to Bluedowns Detective Cluster he has fixed his eyes on the ball to ensure that all the 20 gang suspects who are currently appearing in the Western Cape High Court remain behind bars for many years.

The leader of the gang group known as 28 Terrible Josters, Elton Lenting 47,  and 19 other suspects who are all members of the same gang who are linked to various charges which totalled to 145.  The charges include 15 murders, attempted murders,  drug dealing, conspiring to commit murder,  kidnapping,  arson,  illegal possession of firearms and ammunition,  possession of drugs.

The suspects who are between the ages of 20 to 47-years-old were all arrested on the 23 August 2017. On several occasions since they were apprehended they have been denied in the lower court and higher court.

Terrible Josters have been eliminating their rival gang members known as Cassablancas, Mobsters, and Firm  all based in Delft South.

The trial is expected to start 18 January 2021 with various witnesses set to come to the witness stand, but the suspects have since been in court for the past three weeks to hear an application brough up by the state led by Advocate Peter Darmon in which the state has applied for three pressing matters.

 First one, was to ask the court to allow the state witnesses to testify on camera not in court..

Second one is is to ask the court to prohibit the media in attending the court proceedings.

 Third one is to ask the court not allow all the 20 suspects to appear in court at the same time for safety reasons purposes and only those that that were directly in their specific cases as not all of them have committed similar offences.

Speaking to Detective Van Wyk during the break session of the at High Court he said he was undeterred by any form of threats as his was to serve was to as prescribed in the constitution..

“No taunts, intimidation, insults, or any innuendos that will stop mem from doing my job.”

He had started investigating the cases in 2015 for crimes that were committed in 1999 and 2016. Van Wyk had recently played an instrumental role to investigate the long list of serious and violent crimes including the murder of Vernon Botes in 2017 an investigation that resulted to the incarceration of six gang members which included Horation Solomons, Ismail  Ockerts,  Lucian Consul,  who four of them were slapped with life sentences and other two Fabian Constable and Ziyaad Safodien who get 11 years behind bars each respectively.

Detective Van Wyk who under the capable command of Col Grant Lamoer said the convicted gang members have terrorising and tormenting the community of Delft for long time.

 He said their reign of terror had resulted to loss of life, of a young school-girl who was caught in the crossfire due to their random shooting. They had instilled a sense of fear and anxiety among the people. They have been also threatening and intimidating witnesses.

Along with the prosecuting team Van Wyk are waiting with bated breath on what would be the outcome of their applications, when they resumed the proceedings in High Court on 18 January 2020.