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2020/12/03      |  Written By:  Sergeant Y NGCUKANA   |   Province:  Free State

Rouxville Police officially launched their '16 days of activism of violence against women and children abuse' at the Rouxville Community Hall on 28 November 2020.

Graced the event was Health Department and Mohokare Municipality local ward Councillor Mr. T. Mochechepa. CPF chairperson, EHW and Smithfield Communication, members of Rouxville Saps and Station commander Captain H. Barry were also part of this information sharing event.

Reverend K Jafta opened with scripture reading. In his prayer he asked the Lord to give victims the wisdom to report these incident to the Police so they are dealt with by relevant government Departments.

Captain Barry welcomed all present to this event. He also thanked his community for the incident that occurred a few days back where the community detained a 23 year old male who assaulted his mother and broke all the windows at home. He was swiftly handed to the Police and he was not harmed or assaulted by community. He commended them for that.

Speaking to the community CPO Constable Z Matiwane started by mentioning that the fight against gender based violence is an everyday thing and that is why Saps do not wait for this period to make awareness campaigns to the community. He encouraged the community to continue reporting such crimes to the Police and urged them to also assist their neighbours in reporting. He also said structures like CPF and patrollers within the community must be used and he further engaged community to be part of these structures.

Health Dept. Ms. O Sephula said 'we are experiencing high volumes of (different types of) abuse here in Roleleathunya (Winnie Mandela Clinic) but some are not reported and females are letting it go unpunished. You will be a victim throughout your life because you are allowing it'. She then asked them to be honest when they need medical attention at Health institutions.

Ward Councillor Mr. Mochechepa started his speech by touching on history of women abuses that took place during the struggle and mentioned the women leaders that were there at the time and said this country need such leaders today. He urged the parents to look after their children at all times. 'Children are abused by everyone, including family. Let’s protect our children and women for the future of this beautiful country'.

Guest speaker for the day was Chaplain L Mpambani and he said; ‘gender based violence is committed in our streets, inside our homes, all over.  However men must be responsible. Men must be role models. Let’s deal with it in small groups, small areas, at home were we stay. Let's be realistic with the situation we are facing’. Chaplain urged the men not to use alcohol as a scapegoat for their actions. 'You are the one buying alcohol with your own money and you go home to assault your spouse and children and you blame alcohol. It's time we take responsibility for our actions and we nurture our growing children to be better fathers and mothers tomorrow'.

Rouxville Police officially launched their '16 days of activism
Rouxville Police officially launched their '16 days of activism