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2021/01/04      |  Written By:  Captain Z Mpinge   |   Province:  Kwazulu-Natal

Today will be the last day that Colonel ‘IKS” Naicker will get up and get dressed and drive through Umtentweni morning traffic to get work as UGU District Detective Coordinator.  His usual routine as an officer will change forever as he retires after 36 ½ years of loyally serving the SAPS. 

Colonel Naicker began his illustrious policing career in 1984 at Mount Edgecombe.  He spent two years in the VISPOL environment before joining the Detective Service. As a result of his tenacity and exceptional work ethic  he progressed through the ranks to serve for many years as UGU Cluster Detective Commander  until the recent change to District Detective Coordinator prior to his retirement. This meant that he oversaw and monitored the Detective environment in at least sixteen police stations within the UGU District.  He had the privilege of seeing the organization steadily progress into the crime fighting institution it currently is today.

Colonel Naicker greatly anticipates his well -deserved retirement with his loved ones. Much of his time will be spent restoring old cars which is one of his much-loved past times. He is currently the proud owner of a red 1974 Valiant Rebel and hopes to add other masterpieces to his collection.

He is also an avid supporter of Sundowns and Liverpool FC and heads up the Falcon volleyball team which has seen many victories under his leadership. Colonel Naicker enjoys spending time with the youth and sees sports as a meaningful way to keep them physically fit, occupied and out of trouble.

Colleagues working closely with Colonel Naicker agree that they have come to know the real man behind the title.

Those who know him well describe him as popular but firm, a stickler for time and protocol. Colonel Naicker had the ability to impart tremendous knowledge and skills and members will miss his remarkable teaching methods. 

Colonel Naicker readily admits that his success in such a stressful environment is primarily due to the loving and constant support of his family. A well trained and dedicated team of detective members ensured that his component performed at optimum level, and he is extremely grateful to them.

UGU District Commissioner, Major General Sethenya Nxamagele and her Management wish that only good health, happiness and prosperity follow him on the next part of his journey. On behalf of the SAPS she truly appreciates his loyalty to the organisation, dedication and patriotism to the police badge.

Colonel Naicker
Colonel Naicker