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2021/01/26      |  Written By:  Captain NP Sitshitshi   |   Province:  Western Cape

A 63-year-old suspect is expected to appear in court this week following his arrest in the early hours of today in Ngqabe Street in Crossroads.

The suspect was busted while trying to hide a firearm from the police. The police were searching for a suspect wanted for a case in another station. When they arrived at the address they started knocking and no one could respond. One member decided to check at the back of the house and as he was approaching the back door he noticed a man coming out of the house carrying something looked like a firearm wrapped in a yellow cloth. When the suspect saw the police he dropped what he was carrying into his neighbour’s yard but was instructed to pick it up and indeed was a firearm, an R5.

The suspect could not produce a licence for the firearm. He was then arrested and detained in Nyanga. Meanwhile a 30-year-old suspect was also arrested in possession of mandrax in Lindela Road in Mau-Mau, Nyanga. Members were on patrol when they busted the suspect.

In a separate incident a 62-year-old man was arrested during an intelligence driven operation conducted at a residence in Carissa Drive in Ruytenwacht in Elsies River. The suspect was found  in possession of cash, 183grams of dagga and mandrax with the street the value of R27 450.

Once charged the 63-year-old would appear in Athlone Magistrate Court for the possession of an illegal firearm, the 30-year-old in Philippi Magistrates' Court for the possession of drugs and 62-year-old in Bellville Magistrates' Court for dealing in drugs.

The Cluster Management commended members for their successes.

183gms of dagga were recovered
Mandrax were recovered
A firearm, an R5 were recovered