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2021/02/01      |  Written By:  Lieutenant Colonel E Holtzhausen   |   Province:  Head Office

The IIPCIC Online Training is FREE training intended for all law enforcement officials, regulatory authorities and private sector investigators who are committed to the fight against illicit trade and intellectual property crimes.

All law enforcement IP crime investigators including SAPS officials and officers, customs officials and officers and appropriate regulatory representatives are able to tan the e-training without charge. The IIPCIC are available for viewing on computers, laptops, iPads and iPhones.

The courses are available in a number of languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Arabic.

Upon successful completion of each of the curriculums, students receive an online IIPCIC certificate endorsed by INTERPOL to download and print.

IIPCIC Introductory Curriculum – Introductory Modules 1-7

The Introductory Level Training Modules have been developed for investigators who want to learn more about IP crime and who would like to undertake these types of cases and initiate actions to undertake counterfeiting and piracy investigations.

Module 1: Introduction to Intellectual Property Crimes

Module 2: Introduction to Intellectual Property Crime Investigations

Module 3: Introduction to Intellectual Property Crime Economic Consequences

Module 4: Introduction to Effective Partnership in Combating IP Crimes

Module 5: Introduction to Organised Crime Funding and IP Crimes

Module 6: Introduction to INTERPOL and the INTERPOL Intellectual Property Crime Programme

Module 7: Introduction to the Health and Safety Consequences of IP Crimes

(The private sector may purchase this curriculum)

IIPCIC Intermediate Curriculum – The investigation of Transnational and Organised Intellectual Property (IP) crimes

The Intermediate modules have been developed for investigators who want to consolidate their knowledge of IP crimes and actively pursue counterfeiting and piracy cases. Those who successfully complete this level will be able to investigate transnational organised IP crime cases and provide specialist advice to colleagues.

Module 8: Internet piracy and combating online criminals in the 21st century.

Module 9: Integrated IP crime law enforcement strategies

Module 10: Working with the private sector

Module 11: How to disrupt, dismantle and deter street level organised IP crimes

Module 12: Protecting trade secrets

Module 13: Establishing a dedicated IP crime law enforcement capability

Module 14: Investigation and evidence gathering

(The private sector may purchase this curriculum)

IIPCIC Advanced Curriculum

(This course is not available to the private sector)

This eight module advanced course explores investigating online counterfeiting and piracy. The learning is based on the assumption that students will already be broadly familiar with the Internet and online terminology. Students must be aware of the nature and extent of piracy and the trafficking in illicit and counterfeit good through the Internet. The advanced course examines investigating online piracy and counterfeiting in details to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to successfully lead and manage online criminal investigations.

Module 1: The structure of the Internet

Module 2: Online platforms

Module 3: Methods of connection to suspects

Module 4: Online distribution of counterfeit goods

Module 5: Continuation of online distribution of counterfeit goods

Module 6: Online distribution of pirated digital content

Module 7: Investigating online infringements

Module 8: Digital crime scene management

(This curriculum is not available to the private sector)

IIPCIC Customs Curriculum

(This course is not available to the private sector)

The Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement for Customs Officers online training series is developed and maintained by the IIPCIC with the assistance of the World Customs Organisation (WCO). This series covers important topics to serve to inform customs officers and to promote proven strategies for interdicting IP crime on an international stage.

Module 1: The importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Module 2: A brief history and overview of IP and IPR

Module 3: The international supply chain and IPR

Module 4: The critical importance of Government Agency cooperation in IPR protection

Module 5: Customs partnership with IPR holders

Module 6: IPR risk management: A critical tool for discovering IPR violations

Module 7: Customs examination at the border

Module 8: Customs considerations for IPR legal proceedings

(This curriculum is not available to the private sector)

Industry courses for law enforcement

(These courses are not available to the private sector)

The IIPCIC provides industry sectors and companies with a platform through which they can educate law enforcement professionals on their specific IP challenges. The IIPCIC employs experienced course designers to work with companies’ experts on the creation of e-learning courses, e-books, videos and job aids the support such companies’ brand protection strategies.

AV (Audio Visual) Internet Piracy

Module 1: An overview of audio visual Internet piracy

Module 2: Investigating AV Internet piracy

Levi’s brand counterfeit product training

Product identification guide

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the Levi’s product identification guide so that they can better identify counterfeit products and contact Levi Strauss and Co. when they come across products that they think might be counterfeit.

Bordeaux Wine Council

Identifying and addressing counterfeit Bordeaux wines

At the conclusion of this course, students will better understand geographical indications and appellations or origin, come to know Bordeaux wines and the missions of the Bordeaux Wine Council, be able to identify counterfeit Bordeaux wines, and know where to turn to when they encounter suspected counterfeits or need industry expertise.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric APC counterfeit training

This training module was designed to help customs officers and other law enforcement personnel recognise Schneider Electric APC-branded products, identify counterfeit products and contact Schneider Electric for assistance when inspecting a product that may be counterfeit.

Schneider Electric circuit breakers – identifying counterfeits

Because counterfeit circuit breakers pose a serious risk of electrical fires and electrocution, students’ work in stopping the swell of these counterfeit products can save lives and is important in protecting the public.

Schneider Electric Square D circuit breakers – identifying counterfeits

This course is and introduction to Schneider Electric Square D circuit breakers, how to identify counterfeit Square D circuit breakers and provides students with the means to contact Schneider Electric when they encounter a product that might be counterfeit.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

UL anti-counterfeiting operations – law enforcement training

This training module describes the activities performed by UL as part of their product safety business, discusses UL’s Intellectual Property crime methodology, introduces UL’s listed and recognised component marks, and identifies tools that can be used to assure the legitimacy of UL-certified products.

Medical products

Understanding and addressing the illicit trade of medical products

This course discusses the illicit trade of medical products, defines substandard and falsified medical products. It also discusses the scope and scale of this illicit trade and outlines the tragic impact on individuals and society.

Students will also study several multinational and international operation and study real-world scenarios to help them understand the steps involved in cases that originate from customs at the borders and from operations targeting the online sale of medical products.

Tobacco Trade

Understanding and addressing the illicit tobacco trade

Students who complete this course will gain a better understanding of illicit trade in tobacco products, specific vocabulary and international implications and consequences.

(The industry courses for law enforcement are not available to the private sector)

Private Sector Course

(This course is available to the private sector to purchase)

AIB Seeds

The Anti-Infringement Bureau (AIB) for Intellectual Property Rights on Plant Material, is an international association representing major seed companies in the vegetable seeds sector.

14 of the largest and most important vegetable seed companies in the world, are affiliated with the AIB.

Sales representatives, product development representatives, tech representatives, trial officers, breeders and managers working at AIB-members seed companies will benefit most from this training. Those who complete this course will have a greater understanding of intellectual property rights in the vegetable seeds sector, be able to identify possible cases of infringement and know what steps to take when infringement is encountered.

There are also curriculums on identifying and combating counterfeit components in the automotive industry, understanding the illicit alcohol trade and many more.

All law enforcement IP crime investigators including SAPS officials, customs officials and appropriate regulatory body representatives are able to take these INTERPOL courses free of charge.

How to register for a free online user account:

An e-mail needs to be sent to Captain Carolina Naude who will sent the necessary enrolment form to the interested member so that he/she can be registered.

Members are not allowed to contact the INTERPOL General Secretariat, Lyon, France directly.

All enquiries need to be sent to:

INTERPOL contact persons:

South Africa: Captain Carolina Naude, INTERPOL, NCB Pretoria.

Tel: 012 407 0411    E-mail:

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