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2021/02/16      |  Written By:  Lieutenant Colonel E Holtzhausen   |   Province:  National

The School of Management for Safety in Society falls under the STADIO (formerly SBS) Faculties of Law and Commerce, Administration and Management. The Distance Learning Campus and Distribution Centre Campus is located in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg.

On 26 October 2020, Southern Business School, Embury, LISOF and Prestige Academy took on the STADIO name. STADIO offers over 50 accredited qualifications across five faculties and it provides high quality tertiary education, purpose-built to address acute issues of accessibility, affordability and employable qualifications.

This powerhouse in Higher Education is now offering distance learning with online support. The STADIO School of Management for Safety in Society is currently the largest private provider of fully authenticated policing studies. 

STADIO is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private, higher education institution (with registration number 2008/HE07/004) under the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act no 101 of 1997).

General information about Policing Qualifications

These are some of the STADIO qualifications which focus on policing:

Doctorate in Policing (this doctorate was launched on 25 January 2020)

Master of Policing Practice

Bachelor of Policing Practices (Honours)

Bachelor of Policing Practice

Diploma in Policing

Should you have any questions about the qualifications, please contact STADIO at  011 662 1444 or or

The Diploma in Policing and the Bachelor degree are aimed at students who are pursuing management careers in the field of Safety in Society. They reflect the need and demand in policing for officials who are or will be performing managerial and leadership functions and need more in-depth managerial knowledge and skills regarding the organisational processes and procedures contextualised in this environment.

Students of the Bachelor degree can then continue to study for the Honours Degree in Policing Practice, the Master of Policing Degree as well as the Doctorate in Policing degrees.

Registrations for the 1st semester 2021 is still open and you can still apply.  Please email or to obtain registration forms.

There are admission requirements for each qualification and it can be viewed at

Alternatively, you can apply by following the three easy steps:

  1. Visit and click on APPLY NOW.
  2. Complete the online application form.
  3. Receive your provisional offer to study within 24 hours

(Terms and conditions apply).

If you have 10 years or more experience as a member of the SAPS, you can also obtain access through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) to enter the qualifications.  To find our more, please email Ms Annie Kleyn on


STADIO provides students with material, resources, assessments (including online tests and quizzes), as well as opportunities for discussion through its administration and learning functions. Therefore, having access to the facilities indicated below, is essential for efficient communication, learning and success. You will need continuous access to study, using these resources to access and submit your assessments.

There are two registrations per year that take place per academic semester. Upon first time registration at STADIO, a non-refundable registration fee of R1 500,00 must be paid. For any subsequent registration, a non-refundable registration fee of            R850,00 must be paid up front at registration for the specific semester.

Mode of delivery of courses: Distance learning/Language of instruction: English

The curriculum outline for the Diploma in Policing (NQF 6) (Distance learning):

1ST YEAR: Police Management I (POL 100), Law I (PLA 100), Police Administration I (PAD 100), Community Service Centres (PCC 100), Communication for Policing (PCU100), Crime Detection I (CDM 100)

2ND YEAR: Police Management II (POL 200), Law II (PLA 200), Police Administration II (PAD 200), Professional Conduct (PPC 100), Crime Prevention Management I (CPM 100), Integrated Criminal Justice Systems (PJS 100)

3RD YEAR: Police Management III (POL 300), Law III (PLA 300), Crime Detection Management II (CMD 200), Democratic Policing + SA History (PDP 100)

In the 3rd year, you also have to select ONE of these electives: Criminology OR Support OR Operations ALONG with either Futuristic Policing OR Functional Policing.

The 2021 tuition fees for the Diploma in Policing are R1 800,00 per module (except for Police Management III and Law III which are R2 100,00 per module). There are options for full payment per semester OR monthly payment per semester. STADIO offers debit orders for your convenience to avoid late fees and interest. Prices are subject to annual increases.                       

Please note the prices above DO NOT include the cost of text books.

Bachelor of Policing Practice Degree:

SAQA ID: 117862/NQF 7/Credits: 360/Minimum duration of studies: Three years.

Admission requirements:

  • Senior Certificate with degree endorsement; or
  • National Senior Certificate with a minimum of 50% in four 20-credit subjects and a minimum of 40% in English Home Language or First Additional Language; or
  • National Senior Certificate – Vocational Level 4 with a minimum of 50% in three fundamental subjects including English; and minimum 60% in four vocational subjects; or
  • A relevant N6 National Diploma; or
  • An NQF level 5 Basic Training Certificate (SAPS)
  • A relevant NQF level 5 qualification.

STADIO cooperates with the SAPS’s Research component in formulating the curriculums for the various degrees. Functioning police officials who are experts in their fields, are available to assist students online with their studies.

The curriculum outline for the Bachelor of Policing Practice Degree (NQF7) (Distance Learning):

1st YEAR: Police Management I (POL 101), Crime Prevention Management I, Service Orientated Policing I (SOP 101), Communication for Policing (PCU 101), Training Management (TRM 101) OR Criminology I (CML 101)

2ND YEAR: Police Management II (POL 201), Crime Prevention Management II, Service Orientated Policing II (SOP201), Crime Detection Management I (CDM 101), Police Management Information Systems (PIM 101), Training Management II (TRM 201) OR Criminology II (CML 201)

3RD YEAR: Police Management III (POL 301), Crime Prevention Management III, Crime Detection Management II (CDM 201), Research Methodology (MET 101)

The Bachelor of Policing Practice Degree tuition fees range between R2 190,00 and R2 580,00 per module and can be paid in full per semester or monthly per semester.

Successful completion of the Bachelor of Policing Practice Degree enables further studies for the Bachelor of Policing Practice Honours Degree (on NQF level 8 or an equivalent NQF level 8 programme).


The Bachelor of Policing Practices Honours qualification aims at improving performance excellence and enhancing relationships with both internal and external clients of the law enforcement environment. This Bachelor of Policing Practices Honours degree reflects the work-place based needs within the law enforcement environment sector that relate to managerial competencies.

Admission requirements:

  • a STADIO (formerly Southern Business School) Bachelor if Policing Practice degree (NQf 7); or
  • Another approved (NQF 7) degree.
  • Bridging modules – in the event of an applicant not complying with the minimum admission requirements, he /she must complete the following bridging modules:
  • Police Management III (POL 300)
  • Crime Prevention Management III (CPM 300) and
  • Service Orientated Policing II (SOP 200)

CURRICULUM OUTLINE: FIVE Compulsory modules and ONE Elective module:

Police Management V (POL 500), Leadership in the Safety and Security Environment (LDP 500), Research Methodology V (MET 50A & MET 50B), Organisational Behaviour in the Safety and Security Environment V (OBR 500), Project Management V (POM 500). Electives: Applied Policing Studies V or Traffic Police Science.

Articulation possibilities:

Successful completion of the Bachelor of Policing Practices Honours degree enables further studies towards the Master of Policing degree on NQF Level 9.

2021 Tuition fees:

The fees for 2021 range from R 1890,00 to R 3030,00 per module and the Police Management V module costs R 3 600,00. This can be paid in full per semester or monthly per semester.


Admission requirements:

  • a STADIO (formerly SBS) Bachelor of Policing Practices Honours degree; or
  • a relevant postgraduate diploma; or
  • a Bachelor Honour degree in a cognate field with –
  • an average mark of 65% for Option 1: Research Based and 55% for Option 2: Course work applications (Intensive exposure to the various disciplines of Management of at least five subjects, is required);


  • have a minimum of four years’ work experience in a managerial capacity;
  • be proficient in English;
  • be computer literate;
  • have access to the Internet; and
  • have conducted academic research before.


  • Completion of dissertation/ research project
  • To be completed in a minimum of two years
  • Consists of a compulsory postgraduate induction session


  • Six modules are compulsory – see below
  • A mini dissertation based on a research topic for any of the above six modules.

YEAR ONE: 1ST Semester of Registration - Strategic Organisational Development (OBR 900), Strategic Leadership (Ethical Policing) (LDP900)

2nd Semester of Registration – Law Enforcement Policing (LEP900), Comparative Policing (CPP900)

YEAR TWO: 3RD Semester of Registration – Select and submit a research topic based on any of the four modules completed. Attend the compulsory induction session. Commence research in order to submit a proposal and mini dissertation/article. (MET90A)

4th Semester of Registration – Completion and submission of mini dissertation or an article (for possible publication purposes). (MET90B)

Master of Policing Practice (NQF 9) 2021 tuition fees:

OPTION ONE: Research based:

Enrolment fee = R 460,00   Registration fee per semester= R 8360,00  Re-registration fee per semester= R 850,00

OPTION TWO: Course Work:

Six modules are compulsory and one mini dissertation must be submitted.

Enrolment fee = R 460,00   Once-off Registration fee upon acceptance of registration =R 6300,00   Cost per module= R 2700,00   Mini dissertation (per semester) = R 7610,00   Re-registration per semester = R 850,00

These fees can be paid in full per semester or monthly per semester.


The Doctorate in Policing was launched in October 2020. The first students who successfully enrolled for their Doctorate in Policing degrees are:

Sitting:  Dr Flip Schutte (Supervisor)

Standing: Prof I de Vries (Supervisor) and Dr D Schoeman (Supervisor)

Sitting students:  Annah Chiloane, Patsy Kruger and Nomalanga Binqela.

Two students who started with their various degrees at STADIO and followed through to start with the Doctorate in Policing Practice are:

  • Brigadier Leonard Hlathi (the spokesperson for Mpumalanga)
  • Cornelia Brand

Southern Business Schoo
Sitting: Dr Flip Schutte (Supervisor), Sitting students: Annah Chiloane, Patsy Kruger and Nomalanga Binqela. Standing: Prof I de Vries (Supervisor) and Dr D Schoeman (Supervisor)