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2021/04/13      |  Written By:  Ms M Nkabinde   |   Province:  North West

Following an incident that received a massive mainstream media coverage during Easter long weekend whereby a motorist was brutally murdered when fixing tyre puncture near  solar panels camp on the R566 road between Brits and Mmakau, police in  Mmakau led by the acting Station Commander, Lt Col Mosito in collaboration with Bojanala Sub-District Communication Officer, SAC Nkabinde, local Community Police Forum (CPF) and Mothutlung Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) embarked on an awareness campaign on Thursday day, 8 April 2021.

The objective of the awareness which was held at De Wildt cross road, was to warn motorists who are travelling on the R566 road about apparent new modus operandi and criminal activities in which suspects spread spikes on the road in order to rob motorists of their belongings. Regrettably, some of the motorists fall prey to these hideous crimes and lose their lives as it happened to Solly Kgasi on Friday, 2 April 2021. It was during the activity that motorists were handed safety tips flyers.

Suspects spread spikes on the road in order to rob motorists
The objective of the awareness was to warn motorists