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2021/04/30      |  Written By:  Warrant Officer M Mokgothu   |   Province:  North West

As part of school safety, Itsoseng police station members; Warrant Officer Mokgothu accompanied by Community Policing Officer (CPO), Sgt Montsho as well as Mr Moeng of Community Police Forum (CPF) and a local Social Worker, Ms Nelly Shashape visited Tswelelopele High School on Tuesday, 20 April 2021 to address learners on crime and teenage pregnancy.

WO Mokgothu addressed the learners about the Dangerous Weapons Act, 2013.

(Act No. 1 5 of 2013). The member warned the learners to avoid carrying dangerous weapons in public. The learners were also sensitised about being careful when tattooing themselves as that may negatively impact on their future because some employers do not employ people with tattoos on their bodies.

In his discourse, Sgt Montsho enlightened the learners about Gender Based Violence (GBV) and at the same time, encouraged them to break the silence about the scourge. The learners were further advised neither to ride with strangers nor to leave parties or social gathering venues with them.

Upon addressing the learners, Ms Shashape cautioned the learners on teenage pregnancy. She also reminded the pupils about how crime can affect them. Finally, she encouraged the learners to report all criminal activities taking place at schools including bullying.

In summing up, Moeng sternly warned the learners on gangsterism at schools and at home and urged them to report crimes that occur within school premises to the Principal and teachers.

WO Mokgothu addressed the learners about the Dangerous Weapons Act, 2013.