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2021/04/30      |  Written By:  Sergeant D Dingoko   |   Province:  North West

Mmabatho police station held on Wednesday, 28 April 2021, a substance abuse awareness activity as part of educating communities about the effects of drugs and substance abuse.

The campaign which was held at Madibe Makgabana Tribal Authority with strict adherence to Covid-19 safety and health protocols, was among others attended by Community Police Forum representatives, Department of Correctional Services, Social Development, Health and a Non-Profit Organisation known as Men For Real. The activity was aimed at discouraging abuse of alcohol and drugs among young people and to educate them on the negative impact of drugs and substance abuse to human beings.

The attendees were enlightened about the difference between legal and illegal drugs and how substance abuse problem manifests itself in many ways.  The Rural Safety Coordinator, Sgt Lesedi Dingoko shed some light on how substance abuse contributes to crimes such as murder and assaults.

In her remarks, the Commander of Mmabatho Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit, Capt Tiroyabone explained to the community on how substance abuse contributes to sexual offences and Gender Based Violence (GBV) which has been declared the second pandemic in the country. 

Mr Mogapi of Correctional Services Restorative Justice programme, sensitized the attendees about drug dealers who continue to sell drugs to vulnerable groups including learners and youth who succumb to peer pressure to experiment drugs and eventually contract diseases such as HIV which is often transmitted through sharing of needles.

In closing, the member of the Tribal Council, Mr Mogorosi, thanked all stakeholders for their efforts and said that community development is key to uplifting the quality of life as well as restoration of  self-respect and dignity of individuals and the broader community. 

Mmabatho police station held on Wednesday, 28 April 2021, a substance abuse awareness activity