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2021/05/11      |  Written By:  Captain ISG Kotze   |   Province:  Western Cape

On 2020/07/14 the complainant reported that his truck was hi-jacked by two unknown males while he was driving in Voortrekker Road Maitland. He alleged that he had jumped out of the truck to escape the suspects.

The tracker was activated and the truck was recovered abandoned one street away. The trailer had become undone and the truck could not move.

The case was assigned to Sgt Pritchard of Maitland CID who by chance had heard a colleague talking about a truck that was blocking traffic earlier that day. He requested the member to ride past the scene again to see if he could see the same driver that was at the truck before. The colleague reported back that he saw a male with the same clothes on the scene as the person who was struggling with the truck but was unsure about the face.

Video was obtained from a nearby house showed that the truck driven by the complainant tried to turn but because of the road surface the trailer went higher than the truck and came off the back of the truck. The driver was then stuck across the road blocking traffic. He then dragged the trailer behind the truck which caused it to hook on the trucks bumper making it immovable and causing damage to the truck.

A case of making a false statement under oath knowing it to be false (Act on justices of the peace and commissioner of oaths) 1963/16 Reg. 9 was registered and the complainant was arrested.

With the amount of evidence against him the accused plead guilty in Cape Town Magistrates court and was sentenced on 2021/05/05 to R5 000.00 or 6 months imprisonment with R4 000.00 suspended for a period of 5 years.

Maitland SAPS would again like to warm the public against reporting false complaints as there are cameras and witnesses who will disprove the events and the complainant could then face criminal proceedings as well as a criminal record.