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2021/05/13      |  Written By:  Captain P Tsinyane   |   Province:  Gauteng

Members of Tshwane Flying Squad arrested two suspects for possession of hijacked vehicle.

The incident happened in Erasmuskloof, east of Pretoria.  HP12 Warrant Officer Liebenberg and Sergeant Crewe were on Boeing road Erasmuskloof at 04:00 when a white Toyota Hilux and a gold Toyota Corolla drove past at a very high speed towards the N1 freeway.  Members swiftly responded and chase the two vehicles who could not stop, continue skipping red robots.  Eventually HP12 managed to block the two vehicles at Rigel/N1 off-ramp

Both vehicles were tested, the Toyota Hilux is found to be hijacked from owner on De Deur SAPS case of 11 May 2021.  The Toyota Corolla which was used as an escort vehicle is found to be having false Natis documents and stolen on Mothibistad SAPS case of March 2021.05.13

Suspects were also found in possession of R9500-00 cash banknotes.  The preliminary investigation was that both vehicles was on the way to cross the border to Mozambique.

Both suspects aged 30 and 36 were detained at Brooklyn SAPS and will be appearing in the Pretoria Magistrates' Court facing charges for possession of a hijacked vehicles and possession of fraudulent Natis document.