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2021/07/23      |  Written By:  Captain NP Sitshitshi   |   Province:  Western Cape

Police visibility in the Nyanga Cluster precinct continue to result in remarkable successes.

Two illegal firearms and a stolen vehicle were recovered yesterday in Philippi East and Nyanga areas.

One firearm, a 9mm was recovered yesterday evening at about 18:00 in the Nyanga Terminus vicinity. Members were on patrol in the area of Nyanga Terminus when they spotted an unknown male who started running when he saw the police approaching. Police chased the suspect and cornered him between the containers where he dropped the firearm. Police caught the suspect and picked up the 9mm, a magazine with 15 9mm rounds. The firearm serial number was filed off. The suspect was arrested and detained for the possession of a prohibited firearm and the illegal possession of ammunition..

The second  firearm, a black Pietro Beretta 9mm Parabellum also with no serial number and with ten live rounds was recovered  at about 15:30 in Philippi East. The sector managers of Philippi East were busy at a vehicle control point  in Stock Road when they stopped and searched a blue Citi Golf with five occupants.  All five occupants aged between 21 and 30  were arrested and detained for the possession of a prohibited firearm and illegal possession of ammunition.

This was followed by the arrest of two suspects aged 12 and 16 who were busted stripping a vehicle in Marikana Informal Settlement. Police acted on information received about suspects who were busy stripping a stolen vehicle and when they arrived at the scene they found the duo busy stripping a red Toyota Conquest which was reported hijacked this month in Philippi East.

The eight suspects are due to appear in Athlone Magistrates' Court once charged for the possession of prohibited firearms, illegal possession of ammunition as well as possession of a hijacked vehicle.

A stolen vehicle were recovered