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2021/07/30      |  Written By:  Warrant Officer J Swartbooi   |   Province:  Western Cape

Western Cape: 30 July 2021 - Committed to ensure stability, police members responded to their instincts and arrested suspects ensuring that they have their day in a court of law

Members of Maitland Flying Squad pulled over a suspicious looking vehicle in Ravensmead on Thursday 2021-07-29.  During their investigation,  they noticed that the VIN nr is incorrect and that the number plates did not correspond with the licence disk. . Members found cellular telephones, jammer, registration plates and tools in the vehicle. Four suspects between the ages of 27 and 42 were arrested and detained  on a Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit enquiry. The suspects is expected to appear in the  Bellville Magistrates court on Monday 2021-08-02

In an unrelated case on Wednesday 2021-07-28, police members tracked a truck in Harare  that was reported hijacked in Kensington. Upon inspection, the members found the driver locked in the back of the truck. The members gone the proverbial extra mile and searched homes close to where they found the abandoned hijacked truck upon which they recovered products that was taken from the truck. A 38-year-old man was arrested and detained on  a charge of possession of stolen property.