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2021/09/20      |  Written By:  Warrant Officer J Mostert   |   Province:  Western Cape

Bothasig: On 17 September 2021 the great bond between SAPS Bothasig and Cedar Spar, Bothasig was evident with the launch of the National Police Safety Month project.

The project entails that Cedar Spar produces a limited amount of blue, yes blue… hamburger rolls, doughnuts and cupcakes on Fridays. This is a project which has been running for several years now. This year the ante was upped with the adding of a rotating blue light to draw the attention of customers towards the delicious blue eats!

The idea behind the blue eats is to raise awareness regarding police safety and the killing of police officials. The blue rolls are there specifically to do that and help members of the public to think of their local police officers and other partners trying their utmost to ensure that the community they live in, is safe.

The acting station commander, D/Capt Carleigh Noemdo thanked Cedar Spar for the continuous support of Bothasig Police projects and activities. When asked, Mr Shaun Scherer mentioned that how can they not support SAPS Bothasig, as Cedar Spar is very thankfull for the partnership, and the fantastic service that SAPS Bothasig provides to their local community. 

The first customer to buy fresh blue rolls was Mrs Cheryl Isaacs, a former Bothasig resident who was very complementary regarding the professional; service she always received from SAPS Bothasig and the friendliness of the members.    

Const Queenie Sobekwa, Mr Shaun Scherer (Spar owner), D/Capt Carleigh Noemdo and Janice Scrimgeour (Spar).
Mrs Cheryl Isaacs from Summer Greens the first customer to buy blue rolls.