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2021/09/29      |  Written By:  Captain ISG Kotze   |   Province:  Western Cape

On 2021/09/28 at 21:45 the community in blue and the Brooklyn/Ysterplaat Neighbourhood watch members received information of drug dealing in Koeberg Road Brooklyn, at a small furniture shop, while they were preforming their nightly patrols. They relayed the information to Maitland SAPS as well as law enforcement members. Maitland SAPS then searched the shop that the alleged dealing was taking place.

76 Mandrax tablets, 2 packets of a white substance as well as 25 small tubes of Xyloton were found by the members inside the shop.

Two males were arrested inside the shop and will be appearing at Cape Town Magistrate court on charges of dealing in drugs.

Maitland SAPS would like to thank the community in blue and Brooklyn/Ysterplaat Neighbourhood watch members for assisting the SAPS in the fight against crime in the Brooklyn area.