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2021/10/21      |  Written By:  Sergeant WA Scheepers   |   Province:  Gauteng

PRETORIA –The South African Police Service (SAPS) Brooklyn urge community members not to abuse alcohol.  Rape and sexual assaults are far more likely to take place when alcohol abuse is involved.

This, follow a recent incident where a 20-year-old woman was the victim of a rape that occurred after a night out.  The young woman with two of her friends met up with male friends at a bar in Menlo Park.  Drinks were bought and shared during the evening.

Later the evening the young woman had to be taken to hospital because she fell sick and could not remember parts of the evening.  The medical examiner then discovered that she was possibly drugged and raped.  A case was opened and is being investigated by the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Investigations Unit.

The SAPS request community members not to turn a blind eye when you see someone who is vulnerable and possibly intoxicated who are taken advantage of by another person.  Men must take note that if their partner is too drunk to say no, it does not mean that she is giving consent.

Community members must be cautious not to accept open drinks from anybody when they go to a night club, pub or bar.  Open drinks must also not be left unattended, while going to the restroom or dance floor.  Be suspicious if someone buys you drinks and it does not taste like what you ask for, rather leave it. Do not share or exchange drinks with anyone.

Refrain from being part in drinking games and do not leave the pub or club with an unknown person or with somebody you just met.

Nightclub, pub and bar owners are also requested to enhance security measures at entrances by not allowing any illegal drugs, medication, eye-drops or weapons to enter their premises. 

Community members are further urged to play their role by reporting any suspicious persons, vehicles, or circumstances to the police immediately by phoning the 10111 emergency number.  Information with regards to crime can also be given to the police anonymously by phoning 08600 10111 or by using the My SAPS app.  Brooklyn SAPS 0123661735/6.