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2021/11/11      |  Written By:  Warrant Officer J Mostert   |   Province:  Western Cape

Bothasig: SAPS Bothasig would like to convey the following safety hints to everyone who will be managing large amounts of cash during the Festive Season. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching at the end of November, clients will be tempted by retailers to spend money on the specials available, with some retailers already advertising pre- Black Friday specials. While some clients will pay via electronic means, some will still be tempted to pay in cash. Please take cognisance of the security hints below when doing so.

The time is also drawing closer to when companies start closing for the festive season, and people start enjoying their well-earned rest and money. Some businesses might still pay out large amounts of cash to workers instead of doing electronic fund transfers. This put the company as well as the workers at risk, as criminals also know when businesses take their holiday, and pay the workers before it commences.

The fact that large amounts of cash are drawn at banks make the carriers thereof a target. Criminals visit banks and try to ascertain who are drawing large amounts of cash, and target them for robberies.

Bothasig police would like to share the following information with the public.

* Bank following/ snatching – A police term for a robbery where a person was followed and robbed after withdrawing a large amount of cash at a bank.

Always be alert when drawing large amounts of cash, look out for people not moving forward in the line of clients, or that leave the line and then fall in at the back again. Look out for suspicious people close to the entrance of the bank.

When leaving the bank, check to see if you are being followed. If you believe you are being followed, alert the security or deposit the money back into your account. When leaving the mall or building be lookout for people or vehicles following you. Report abovementioned incidents and vehicle particulars to the police immediately, even if you think you are wasting their time. 

When you are being followed, drive to a police station or call for assistance. Do not go to your home or work as these are the places that the robbers will try to rob you. The number of your nearest police station will also be available on the new My SAPS cell phone application if you location on the phone is turned on. In the event of a robbery try to remain as calm as possible and follow the instructions to the letter.

Give a short time until you are sure that you are safe and then notify the police, immediately giving a full description of the vehicles and occupants, if possible. Bring this information under the attention of everyone who draws, transports or receive large amounts of cash.

May the sharing of this information prevent business following robberies.