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2022/03/15      |  Written By:  Captain F van Wyk   |   Province:  Western Cape

WESTERN CAPE: The partnership between the community and Manenberg police proved to be fruitful after they received a tip-off of a suspect with a firearm in Vistula Street, Manenberg on Saturday (2022-03-12). The members were busy with crime prevention patrols due to the ongoing gang related shooting in the area, when they received the information and arrested the suspect with a 9mm pistol with ammunition. 

In an unrelated matter members of the Provincial Extortion Task Team arrested two suspects aged 20 and 33 for dealing in drugs in Freedom Farm informal settlement. The members received information about drugs at a dwelling and operationalized the information and found 168 mandrax tablets and two half mandrax tablets in the dwelling.

Once charged the suspects will appear in the Blue Downs and Athlone Magistrates courts respectively.

Furthermore members of Elsies River police arrested a 30 year old male for the possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition in Avonwood, Elsies River yesterday (2022-02-13). The members were busy with stop and search operation to curb gang violence in the area when they found the suspect with a 9mm pistol with ammunition in his possession. Once charge the suspect will make a court appearance in the Goodwood Magistrates court.

Meanwhile Nyanga Cluster Reaction Team responded to a complaint of a shooting incident in Tambo Village on Sunday (2022-03-13) at around 22:00. Upon arrival in Christmas Tinto Street, they spotted a suspect and searched him. The 23 year old man was arrested and detained when found in possession of an unlicensed  9mm pistol and ammunition.

Once charged he is expected to make his court appearance in the Athlone Magistrates courts on the mentioned charges.