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2022/05/10      |  Written By:  Captain ISG Kotze   |   Province:  Western Cape


On 2022/04/14 the victim was shot and killed in Royal Road Maitland for no apparent reason. The suspects then fled the scene. The investigation was assigned to Sgt Pritchard of Maitland detectives to continue with the investigation. Through witnesses and an informer network a suspect was identified.

On 2022/05/10 the suspect was located at Cape Town court where he was appearing on another matter. The suspect was arrested at court and the case was presented to the control prosecutor who had no problem enrolling the matter based on the evidence gathered so far.

The case will be set for a formal bail application by the suspect.

The management of SAPS Maitland would like to thank the Maitland community for their continued assistance in the matter.