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2022/05/17      |  Written By:  Sergeant Y Tshabile   |   Province:  North West

Mahikeng police in partnership with the District Task Team and Community Policing Forum (CPF) embarked on an awareness campaign on Thursday, 12 May 2022, at farms in the following areas: Ramatlabama, Miga, Dimorogwane, Sunnyside and Lanric. Farm owners were urged to be more vigilant and to avoid leaving their livestock unattended at grazing camps or kraals. Moreover, they were advised to make sure that the cattle posts are well fenced, stock is properly brand marked and a healthy relationship is maintained with their employees.

In addition, community members received tips on how to take care of their livestock. This activity was in line with the National Rural Safety Strategy (NRSS) which is aimed at addressing rural safety as an integrated day-to-day policing approach by creating a safe and secure rural environment. The objective of the (NRSS) is to:

- respond to the safety and security needs of rural communities;

- provide a safe and secure rural environment to support food security, social and economic development;

- strengthen the building of relationships in the rural community;

- encourage all stakeholders in rural safety to cooperate in a coordinated and integrated manner;

- engage in joint planning, implementation, development and evaluation of the execution of the plan to combat crime and the lack of safety and security, in rural areas, as determined by the National Crime Combating Strategy (NCCS).


Mahikeng police embarked on an awareness campaign