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2023/02/20      |  Written By:  Warrant Officer J Swartbooi   |   Province:  Western Cape

WESTERN CAPE: 19 FEBRUARY 2023- On Friday 17 February 2023 the wife of a local lawyer in Bellville, reported her husband missing as he never returned home after work. Bellville detectives were operationalized as a result of the strange circumstances surrounding this incident.

After consultation with the missing person’s business partner and secretary, they visited the offices and found that the office was in many ways disturbed and certain items were also missing. They found a file on the desk which would be of vital importance in their investigation as it gave direct links to pursue.  The investigating team immediately launched a manhunt in a bid to locate the missing person. They proceeded to the address of a female in Yale Road in Belhar who visited the practice the previous day. The husband of the female could not give an account of the whereabouts of his wife. Witnesses that were questioned in the vicinity, placed the female on the crime scene when they confirmed that she was driving a white motor vehicle, believed to be the victim’s motor vehicle, with an unknown man and two occupants.

Following the leads in the file found on the desk in the office, their sights were now set on another address mentioned in Klawer. The relevant information was circulated with SAPS officers in the West Coast  region. Klawer police spotted the vehicle at an address in their policing precinct and entered the house where they rescued the missing person who was traumatized. They then arrested and detained a male and two females on a charge of kidnapping.

Once charged the suspects are expected to make a court appearance in the Bellville Magistrate court on the mentioned charge.