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2023/03/13      |  Written By:  Captain F van Wyk   |   Province:  Western Cape

WESTERN CAPE: 11 MARCH 2023 - A 39 year old male and a 40 year old female was arrested at a Cape Town hotel on Thursday, 2023-03-09 after Cape Town Central Police followed up information of an alleged hostage situation.

The members received information that a 28 year old woman was held against her will at the hotel, but she managed to escape. SAPS was provided with information of her identity and after searching the surrounding area, she was located in the streets near the hotel.

Police members returned back to the hotel after she provided them with information. An unknown woman opened the door of the room where the complainant was allegedly kept against her will. The unknown woman was questioned after which she voluntary handed over two packets containing tik.

With permission to continue searching the room members found 1011 tablets, believed to be mandrax and another drug called G-liquid which is allegedly used as a date rape drug. These drugs will be sent for forensic testing.

The 40 year old female was arrested and the drugs were seized. Further intelligence was received on the whereabouts of the male accomplice. Members traced his location to another Cape Town Hotel and immediately made their way to this hotel where they arrested a 39 year old male. Further information linked this suspect to numerous other contact crimes committed and reported in Gauteng Province.

Both suspects will appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s court on Monday, 13 March 2023 on the various charges.