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2023/04/04      |  Written By:  Colonel R Netshiunda   |   Province:  Kwazulu-Natal

DURBAN: 04 April 2023 Police have arrested a 47-year-old Phoenix woman after investigations proved that she had staged her own fake kidnapping and demanded ransom from her businessman husband.

Police received a complaint of a woman who was allegedly kidnapped on Clay Field Drive in Phoenix on Monday afternoon. It was reported that the woman had left the business premises to use a restroom at her home which is situated a short distance from the business premises. Few moments later her husband received a phone call from her, reporting that she was kidnapped and pleaded with him to deposit an undisclosed amount of money for her release. Few moments later the husband received another call from a man who threatened to hurt the woman if the money was not paid.

Shrewd police investigations revealed that the woman had faked her own kidnapping and was duly charged with perjury. Police are sending a strong warning to anyone who is contemplating to fake their own kidnappings for any reason or waste state resources by opening false cases that they will be met with the flaming wrath of the law. Kidnapping is not a matter to joke about and police have been working hard and stretching resources in a quest to prevent kidnapping which had seen a slight increase of late.

The woman is expected to appear before the Verulam Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.