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2023/05/24      |  Written By:  Warrant Officer P Filander   |   Province:  Western Cape

The Mfuleni SAPS Serious and Violent Crimes Unit (SVC) has achieved a significant milestone in their relentless fight against violent crimes, particularly those related to gender-based violence and domestic abuse.

In a highly notable case dating back to November 2016, Andile Billy, an SANDF employee, committed a heinous act of violence by brutally murdering his wife in extension 6, Mfuleni. The incident was witnessed by the courageous nephew of the deceased, who promptly came forward to report the harrowing crime.

With remarkable efficiency, Sergeant Leketha and Sergeant Rasi, both from Mfuleni SAPS, swiftly responded to the crime scene. Their immediate actions allowed them to gather crucial witness statements and effect an immediate arrest. Leading the charge as the dedicated Investigating Officer, Sergeant Nkululeko Magqaza pursued the case with unwavering dedication.

Through the collective efforts and perseverance of the Mfuleni SVC team, justice was served. The trial took place at Blue Downs Regional Court 3, where the Investigating Officer, the eyewitness, and one of the first responders provided compelling testimonies. Notably, Sergeant Leketha, who sadly passed away a few years ago, played a significant role in the initial response. The evidence presented left no room for doubt, resulting in a guilty verdict for the accused, Andile Billy. On Friday, May 19, 2023, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

This exceptional outcome stands as a testament to the remarkable work of Sergeant Magqaza and the entire Mfuleni SVC team. Under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Mike Thebus, this handpicked team of eight members consistently exhibits unwavering dedication and commitment in tackling serious and violent crimes. Their remarkable achievements extend beyond Blue Downs Regional Court, also making an impact in the Western Cape High Court.

The Mfuleni SVC unit has become renowned for their relentless pursuit of justice and unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of the community. Through their specialized skills and tireless efforts, they continue to combat gender-based violence and other violent offenses effectively.

The Mfuleni SAPS Station Commander, Brigadier Fani Dlamini, along with the entire police station management, commends the remarkable achievements of the Mfuleni SVC team, including the exceptional work of Sergeant Magqaza. Their dedication and unwavering commitment have provided solace to victims, sent a resounding message to offenders, and significantly contributed to creating a safer community. Congratulations to the entire team on this remarkable success!