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2023/06/09      |  Written By:  Lieutenant Colonel S Kock   |   Province:  Northern Cape

Kimberley : 08 June 2023 : The youth of 1976 profoundly changed the socio-political landscape of South Africa. We now celebrate the 47th anniversary of youth month under the theme "Accelerating youth economic emancipation for a sustainable future".

During Youth Month and beyond, the SAPS is taking a pro-active approach to address the diverse range of challenges faced by today's youth. Recognizing the need for crime prevention activities and programmes to effectively tackle daily issues as well as criminal and social concerns affecting young people especially at schools, tertiary institutions and in our local communities. The SAPS in the Northern Cape with all relevant government departments, NGO's and all Community Safety Structures and religious fraternals will engage in policing activities with the aim to grow positive relationships between the police and the youth. 

SAPS specialized units comprising of trained professionals such as the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offenses unit, Cyber Crime, Social Crime Prevention,  etc are actively involved in addressing prevalent issues such as cyberbullying, substance abuse, human trafficking and Gender Based Violence and Femicide(GBVF) through platforms such as school visits, sporting activities, community  radio stations, community engagements social media platforms and churches.

By implementing these targeted activities, the police are creating safe spaces for young individuals to voice their concerns, seek guidance, and acquire vital life skills. This proactive approach not only helps prevent youth involvement in criminal activities but also promotes a sense of community and trust between the police and the younger generation. Youth Month serves as a catalyst for change, encouraging police and the community at large to prioritize the needs and well-being of the youth. 

The Provincial Commissioner of SAPS in the Northern Cape, Lt Gen Koliswa Otola reiterates that the police with the assistance and support of strategic partnerships and the community envisage to build a brighter future for our young citizens, empowering them to become resilient, responsible, and active contributors to society and help fight crime collectively.