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2023/06/22      |  Written By:  Sergeant J Rani   |   Province:  Free State

Koppies: 21 June 2023 - The Fezile Dabi District Trio Task Team, arrested three suspects, aged between 48 and 54, and recovered a truck and cargo with an estimated value of R4 million. On Tuesday, 20 June 2023 at about 13:20, the members received a lookout of a white Toyota Corolla alleged to be involved in hijackings of trucks and courier vehicles. It was further alleged that the occupants were armed. The said vehicle was said to be travelling on the N1 and later it was spotted in Koppies.

The members proceeded to Koppies, and when the occupants of the Corolla spotted the police, they sped off. A chase ensued between the police and the suspects until they managed to stop. The suspects were apprehended and taken to Koppies police station for further questioning.

While at the Koppies police station, the members saw a security officer and another man who alleged that his truck was hijacked on the N1 by a white Polo and a white Toyota Corolla. The complainant positively pointed out the vehicle and the suspect.

The victim claimed that he was driving a truck towards Bloemfontein when a white polo with blue lights stopped him. He further said that one of the occupants was wearing a police uniform. The victim said after stopping, he was forced into the white Volkswagen Polo and they drove with him for about 30km until he was forced into the white Toyota Corolla, where his hands were tied with cable ties. They drove another 20 kilometres and left him under the bridge.

The three suspects, of whom two are foreign nationals, were arrested, while four others are still on the run. The truck was recovered abandoned on the N1, still loaded with cigarettes.

The three suspects will appear before the Koppies Magistrate Court soon on charges of Hijacking and Kidnapping.