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2023/07/03      |  Written By:  Captain F van Wyk   |   Province:  Western Cape

Western Cape: 02 JULY 2023 - Violence against women and children are at the top of the Western Cape SAPS’s priority list and we will do everything possible to bring perpetrators to book. This was shown again by detectives from the Belhar and Caledon FCS units when they ensured that two offenders were removed from our communities. In the Belhar incident, the complainant a 15 year old at the time of incident reported the matter on 2020-03-06 (incident happened on 19 and 20 February 2020 (3weeks later).

The accused , a 54 year old man (at the time of the incident) Amien Fakier turned himself in at Delft SAPS and was arrested, detained and processed for court by members of Belhar FCS. His appearance was on 09 March 2020. The docket assigned to then Detective Sergeant Meyer (now Warrant Officer) and investigation proceeded, with lots of challenges to determine the crime scene, DNA in a vehicle and a struggle to get the vehicle from the owner who was in Mossel Bay at the time. She went the extra mile for an application of cellular telephone records to link the suspect with the crime scene at the time of incident. Bail hearings were successful opposed by the investigation officer, even psychologist appointments were attended.

The High Court appointments were scheduled where the investigation officer was with the victim and her mother to just assured them that she is there for them and to assist. And finally after challenges during Covid-19 with court hearings and many postponement dates, the accuse was found guilty on 31 of May 2023 on three counts of rape and sexual assault. Amien Fakier was sentenced to three times life sentences imprisonment and additional 15 years in prison for sexual assault

In an unrelated rape case reported in Villiersdorp and investigated by Caledon FCS, 32 year old Lebohang Motloung was sentenced 20 years direct imprisonment. The victim was 10 years old at time of incident and was raped by a known person who stayed on  a farm opposite the victim’s residence.  The suspect, a Sotho speaking person was arrested the same day at his house. The accused was sentenced at Caledon Regional court on 2023-06-28 for 20 years direct imprisonment. 

SAPS encourages women and children to report crimes against them so that our specialised units can deal harshly with their abusers.