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2023/07/10      |  Written By:  Lieutenant Colonel M Pojie   |   Province:  Western Cape

Western Cape: 09 JULY 2023 - Operation Shanela in the Western Cape gained momentum as crime combatting and high density operations, spearheaded by senior officers in the week, proved to be successful with 3665 suspects arrested on an array of charges.

This successful intelligence-driven, high density patrols and actions are aimed at disrupting criminal activities before and during the weekend which usually threatens the safety and wellbeing of the communities within the Province.

Of the total arrests (3665), the breakdown is as follows: 

  • 547 were for contact crimes
  • 24 were for murder; 
  • 102 arrests were made for property related crime such as burglaries and thefts; 
  • 187 arrest for assaults with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm 
  • 210 for common assaults; 
  • 988 arrests were made for crimes detected through or as a result of police initiative. Such crimes include 912 for drug related offences, 56 for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol and 20 for the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and 
  • 77 arrests for transgressing the domestic violence act and 
  • 218 for the possession of a dangerous weapon.

Seizures from the same operation include the follows: 

  • 32 Firearms 
  • 885 round of ammunition from different calibres
  • •23 734 units of drugs, including dagga, tik, mandrax and khat
  • 18 549 litres of liquor and 
  • 236 Dangerous weapons 

The high density integrated operations comprised various units such as Vispol, Detectives, Crime Intelligence, AGU, POP, Law Enforcement, other specialised units, K9, private security companies and neighbourhood watch structures. 

Operations targeted illegal liquor outlets, suspected drug outlets and compliance inspections carried out at licensed liquor outlets.

Some of the successes achieved include the seizure of a handmade zip gun that was found hidden under a bed in a flat in Rodewal, Worcester where a male suspect was arrested and detained on a charge of illegal possession of a firearm. During a search in Bloedrivier, the members seized 70,25 litre of alcohol and arrested the male occupant found on the premises. The suspect faces a charge of dealing in liquor.

Members attached to the Worcester based  Anti-Gang Unit in collaboration with other units also pounced on a residence in OVD where they ensued with a search. During the search of the garage, they found and seized 793 mandrax tablets as well as 102grams of tik. The find was confiscated as evidence and a 40 year old suspect was arrested for dealing in drugs. 

All the arrested suspects, are expected to make their court appearance in different courts once they have been charged.