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2023/08/10      |  Written By:  Colonel R Netshiunda   |   Province:  Kwazulu-Natal

DURBAN: 10 August 2023 – Police in KwaMashu are pleading with community members to be aware of criminals who are impersonating police officers. There have been a number of cases which were reported where a similar modus operandi was used by what is believed to be a syndicate which operates in malls and shopping centres.

A person would drop a stack of what looks like money next to an unsuspecting victim and that person would be polite in convincing the victim to move with him to a ‘safer’ spot where he would offer to share the money with the victim.

All of a sudden a group of men will emerge, posing as police officers who are investigating a case of robbery. The victim would then be forced into the fake police officers’ vehicle and the victim would be taken to unknown areas where the suspects rob the victims of their belongings.

In a recent case, a 48-year-old woman was at a mall in KwaMashu where the suspects used the same trick and drove away with her. The suspects transferred a huge amount of money from her bank account and she was later abandoned in Chatsworth.  

Members of the community are urged to be cautious when they are in the malls and are warned against picking up any money so that they do not fall prey to this criminal syndicate.