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2023/08/11      |  Written By:  Lieutenant Colonel S Kock   |   Province:  Northern Cape

KIMBERLEY : 11 August 2023 - The SAPS in the Northern Cape are urging the public adhere and implement the following safety tips to protect them against scams and fraud.

*Phishing and fraud Scams  are deceitful emails and messages criminals send which promises large sums of money or even great prizes. Be careful and delete these messages and remember if you did not enter any competition you cannot win these promised prizes.

*Be careful of investing or  giving money to persons who claim they can make you money more. These criminals are especially targeting persons receiving retirement lump sum pay-outs  and large amounts of insurance cash.

*Never respond to emails or cell phone messages appearing to be from your bank, which request your personal details. Remember that no bank will ever ask you to confirm or update your account details by email.

*Never provide your online ID, password or PIN to anyone and never write them down or share them.

*Do not save your Internet banking password on your desktop or cellular phone.

*Do not leave your computer unattended after you have entered your Internet banking password.

*Always log off or sign off at the end of a session.

*Avoid doing Internet banking in public areas such as Internet cafés, or on any computer that can be accessed by people you do not know.

*Change your PIN and passwords frequently.

*Put sensible transaction limits on your accounts.

*If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

*Always be weary and extra careful when shopping online

*NEVER send money or give credit card or online account details to anyone you do not know and trust.