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2023/08/15      |  Written By:  Colonel A Myburg   |   Province:  North West

Operation Shanela

Since the inception of the high density Operation Shanela on Friday, 8 May 2023, Police in the Province continue to implement the five pillar approach in our resolve to reduce the volumes of crime in our communities.  “OPERATION SHANELA” have seen all senior management from each District and the provincial personnel, leading and taking part in weekly high density crime prevention and combatting operations.

In our continued bid to protect women, children and vulnerable groups, the Provincial Support Services personnel, working together with Ikageng police on Friday, 4 August 2023, embarked on serving Domestic Violence and Harassment Interdicts and Protection Orders issued to respondents in terms of the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, 1998 and Protection from Harassment Act, 2011.

A total of 76 protection and harassment orders and 99 final orders were issued.

The following orders were served:

43 Protection and Harassment Orders of which 33 were attended to.

23 Final Orders were served and 76 were attended to.

Shanela means to sweep. Let us all stand together in keeping our streets clean from criminals.

Photos by Capt Magakoe



Operation Shanela
Operation Shanela
Operation Shanela
Operation Shanela