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2023/09/11      |  Written By:  Sergeant T Sam   |   Province:  Northern Cape

Kimberley- 10 September 2023: Operation Shanela, the  multi-disciplinary high density operation remains intentional in stabilizing crime. This was evident in the operational successes achieved during intensified operations across the province for the period Thursday, 07 September 2023 till Sunday, 10 September 2023 with a sharp focus on the reduction of contact and violent crimes in hotspots which netted a multitude of successes.

Actions and police activities executed during the operations included, vehicle check points (VCP's), stop and searches, foot and vehicle patrols, compliance inspections, drugs and other commodities smuggling and tracing operations by detectives.

Twenty Eight (28) VCP's and Seven (07) roadblocks were held across the province during  which  2855 vehicles and 4141 persons were stopped and searched. 374 compliance inspections were conducted at second-hand dealers, firearm dealers, liquor premises, formal and informal businesses as well as mines.

Numerous operational successes were achieved:

78 suspects were arrested for crimes ranging from murder, attempted murder, robbery, assault, burglary, theft out of motor vehicle dealing and possession of drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and illegal possession of firearms. Police actions also resulted in the confiscation alcoholic beverages and numerous dangerous weapons that could have had dire consequences if not policed.

In the Namakwa district police digged out drugs and discovered some stashed in vehicle tyres, that led to the arrest of the suspects.

The Provincial Commissioner of the Northern Cape, Lt General Koliswa Otola indicated that crime and violence place a heavy burden on the Criminal Justice System, Health Care System and state expenditure. 

These operational successes limits the negative effects and the destructive impact of crime and therefore encourages the women and men in blue, communities as well as all stakeholders to keep on holding each other's hand in ensuring a safe and secure Northern Cape.