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2023/09/19      |  Written By:  Colonel D Nevhuhulwi   |   Province:  Gauteng

PARKTOWN: September 2023 - Operation Shanela in Gauteng has resulted in the arrest of more than 900 suspects including wanted suspects for the weekend period.

The multi-disciplinary operation comprises of different law enforcement agencies and stakeholders within Gauteng such as Metro Police Department, Department of Traffic, Department of Home Affairs, Department of Correctional Service, Department of Community Safety Crime Prevention Wardens, Community Police Forum and private security companies through the Eyes and Ears (E2) project. It is conducted simultaneously in all five districts in the province with the aim of stamping the authority of the State while maximizing police visibility. 

The operation is divided into phases, of which the first phase is the tracing of wanted suspects by the detectives throughout the province and is conducted the night before. This phase resulted in the arrest of about 600 wanted suspects for serious and violence crimes of which 128 are for crimes committed against women and children.

The other phase of the operation was conducted on Saturday night, 16 September 2023 with District Commissioners leading from the front at their respective districts while in Johannesburg at Jeppe the Deputy Provincial Commissioner: Policing, Major General Tommy Mthombeni took the lead. 

Multiple crime prevention activities were conducted, including roadblocks, stop and searches, liquor compliance inspections and vehicle check points.

Various goods were also seized during this operation, i.e. 21 cartons of illicit cigarettes, drugs, dangerous weapons including an unlicensed shotgun and liquor from unlicensed liquor outlets.

The highlight of the operation, was the arrest of a man at a roadblock in Jeppe after he was found in possession of a packet of 90 suspected mandrax drugs tablets. The arrests are commendable and the province will continue to strive for safe and secure environment for the people of Gauteng.