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2023/10/19      |  Written By:  Colonel P Naidu   |   Province:  Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape: 17 October 2023 – The Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Nomthetheleli Mene and the MEC for Transport and Community Safety, Hon Xolile Nqatha together issue a stern warning condemning the reckless and illegal actions that take place at funerals of suspected criminals.

These actions include the brandishing of firearms and the firing of shots in the air either at the grave site or at the house of a deceased criminal as well as the spinning of tyres at the cemetery. These actions are not only dangerous but also a blatant disregard for the law and the safety of those attending. It must be clearly mentioned, that these actions are not a celebration but a danger to society.

The stern warning comes in the wake of a recent video that is being circulated, depicting the firing of shots in the air at the funeral of an alleged criminal in Ncetyana  village in Tsolo.

Lt Gen Mene has stated that, ‘ we emphatically emphasise  the illegality of such acts and condemn them in the strongest possible terms. Such behaviour not only puts innocent lives at risk, but it also undermines the very fabric of our society. It is an affront to the principles of law and order  that we uphold within our communities. To those who engage in these actions, be warned; the repercussions will be severe. The police will be unwavering in their commitment to enforcing the law.’

Hon Nqatha concurred with the Provincial Commissioner and also sends out a stern warning to perpetrators of such action. ‘We will not tolerate such irresponsibility and recklessness, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that those responsible are arrested and brought to justice. Furthermore we call upon the communities to stand together with police in exposing these culprits,’ added Hon Nqatha.

Police have  launched an investigation in terms of the Firearms Control Act, sect120(3b) - it is an offence to discharge or otherwise handle a firearm, an antique firearm, or an airgun in a manner likely to injure or endanger the safety or property of any person or with reckless disregard  for the safety or property of any person.

Police are warning that the rule of law will prevail, and those who break it will face the consequences.