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2023/11/06      |  Written By:  Colonel D Mdhluli   |   Province:  Mpumalanga

Nelspruit: 04 November 2023 - The management of the SAPS in Mpumalanga has welcomed a hefty sentence imposed upon a child rapist (48) who is originally from Mozambique. He was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for raping a 15 year old girl at Mangweni in 2021. This ordeal occurred at the time when the victim's mother was at a relative's place where she was being taken care of since she was not feeling well. The accused is said to have taken advantage of the situation as on the day of the incident, he waited until it was dark then went to the victim’s residence at about 19h00. He lured her to his place under the pretence that he bought some valuables for her.

Upon their arrival, the perpetrator locked her (victim) inside the house and sadly raped her multiple times the whole night. The little girl was only released the following morning. The victim's mother noticed that something was not adding up as she struggled to walk and seemed to be in pain. The concerned mother took her child to the medical facility where it was confirmed that she was raped. The victim then broke her silence and detailed what transpired.

A rape case was opened at Tonga Police Station which led to the arrest of the perpetrator. He was trialled then found guilty as charged hence his sentencing on 26 October 2023.

The management of the SAPS in Mpumalanga has appreciated the excellent work done by the Investigation team, the Prosecution team and the Judiciary which culminated into this enormous sentence.

It was also emphasized by the Police leadership in the province that children are the future of the country, of which the men and women in Blue will do their best to ensure that they are protected from perpetrators hence in this instance one is removed for a very long time.