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2024/01/10      |  Written By:  Lieutenant Colonel S Kock   |   Province:  Northern Cape

Kimberley: 09 January 2024 - The police have noted with concern a recent spate of shoplifting incidents.  Shop owners and assistants are urged to adhere to the following  safety hints.

*Meet and greet shoppers and acknowledge their presence.

*Keep your store organized and tidy.

*Know common shoplifting tactics.

*Be extra aware of shoppers  with oversized clothes and bags.

*Optimize your store’s layout and try to install low racks so that you can have a full view of the shop.

*Install security cameras.

*Add mirrors to your store.

*Use customer service as prevention immediately after a shopper entered the shop.

*Train your employees to be able to spot shoplifters, usually picking up and putting down goods on racks.

*Use retail inventory as a  management tools to always know your stock levels.

*Identify at-risk items and place it in plain sight of shop assistants.

*Shoplifters can always assess how easy it is to steal from a shop by how soon after they enter they are spoken to by a member of staff.

*Work out where inside the store thefts are happening.

*As far as possible utilize electronic tagging on goods in store.

*Personal safety is in numbers so employ enough staff for your store.

*Security officers inside stores also assists as a deterrent and help to tighten security against shoplifting.

*Keep a constant eye on fitting/dressing rooms.