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2024/01/24      |  Written By:  Lieutenant Colonel M Pojie   |   Province:  Western Cape

WESTERN CAPE: The ongoing fight against the distribution and dealing in drugs yielded positive results when members attached to Operation Restore operationalised information which led to the seizure of a substantial quantity of drugs in Voortrekker Road, Goodwood.

On Sunday 2024-01-21, the members followed up on information about a vehicle from which drugs are being sold in Voortrekker Road, Goodwood when they spotted and monitored how transactions took place. The members immediately approached the vehicle and witnessed the driver attempting to hide something under the seat when he saw the police members. The members ensued with a search upon which they discovered a consignment of drugs consisting of mandrax tablets, ecstasy tablets and a substantial quantity of cocaine in the vehicle.

During the extensive search, the members found an undisclosed amount of cash, believed to be proceeds of the illicit drug trade. A 41 year old male was arrested and charged for dealing in drugs. In addition to the above success, members involved in operation Shanela deployed in Gugulethu, received information about a fruit and veg stall where dagga was allegedly sold.

In pursuit of the information, the members approached the identified fruit and veg shop where they caught a suspect red-handed, sitting on the chair busy preparing dagga stops. Upon seeing the police members approaching, he tried to evade arrest by hiding but it was all in vain as the members responded rapidly. In a final effort to evade arrest, he offered the members money in return for his freedom.

The 46 years old man was arrested on the spot for illegal dealing in dagga as well as bribery. The members seized an undisclosed amount of cash, 118 dagga bankies,127 dagga stops, one parcel of dagga and one bag with loose dagga as evidence. Both suspects are expected to appear in Goodwood Magistrates’ court once charged.